October 17, 2017

Acknowledgement Day – Thursday 21st September 2017

To celebrate the good behaviour of our students under the school’s Behaviour Policy, we are holding an Acknowledgement Day tomorrow Thursday 21st September. This term students will be participating in different traditional Indigenous sporting activities. Children on Bronze, Silver or Gold Level are able to wear mufti clothing (please wear colours associated with Indigenous art e.g. red, yellow, black or earthy colours.

Students on Level 4 or below will miss out on these activities. During this time, they will be mentored by a teacher and given work to complete. If your child in on Level 4 or below, they must come to school dressed in their school uniform. It is important to send them to school on Acknowledgement Day so that they can learn a valuable lesson which may help them to follow rules in the future.

Please ensure appropriate clothing is worn. All students must wear sports shoes.