July 22, 2018

Athletics Carnival

This year’s Annual Athletics Carnival is being held on Wednesday 25th July (Week 1, Term 3) at Campbell Oval – Princess St, Canterbury.

This is a compulsory event for all K-6 students.

A full day of activities is planned for all children and each child is expected to participate. A note is required if your child can’t run. They should still attend as a spectator.

Buses will leave school at 8.30am and will return by approximately 3.30pm. All students need to be at school by 8.15am. All students are required to travel to and from the oval by the buses provided.

The cost of the carnival is $10.00. This included bus hire and venue hire.

All students are to wear their house colours or their sports uniform with accessories in their house colour. Please ensure that your child brings their school hat and adequate sun protection as well as any medication they require i.e. asthma puffers.

Students will need to bring food and drinks for the entire day. A BBQ lunch and other food will also be available from a special school canteen at the ground.

Parents are welcome to attend but must make their own way to the park.

Please ensure your child’s permission note and payment of $10.00 are both returned to their class teacher by Friday 29th June (Term 2, Week 9).

100 Days of Kindergarten

On Tuesday 31st July the children in KM and KP will be celebrating 100 Days of Kindergarten.

To celebrate we are devoting a day of fun activities on this day. All kindergarten students are able to wear MUFTI on this special day.

All students must wear sports shoes.

Throughout the day the children will be involved in fun experiences that include:

  • Stamp activities and kite making
  • Playing board games
  • Creating a necklace
  • Garden visit
  • Discovering the science of making popcorn (microwave popcorn)
  • And much much more

If your child had an allergy to any of the food mentioned above, please notify your child’s class teacher.

Jolly Jumper Day

On Friday 6th July, students will be celebrating the last day of Term 2 with a Jolly Jumper Day. As the cooler weather is with us it is important to stay warm with a super cool jumper.

We are encouraging all students to wear a colourful and jolly jumper on Friday 6th July.

Students still need to come in full school uniform and wear their jolly jumper. There will be a prize for the jolliest jumper.

Last Day of Term 2

Last day of term 2 will be Friday 6th July. Term 3 will commence on Tuesday 24th July.

We hope all our families have a safe and happy break!

Year 1 and 2 Incursion

Just a reminder that permission notes and payment are due back tomorrow, Friday 22nd June for the Year 1 and 2 incursion being held next week.

The cost of the incursion is $12.00.

Due to booking requirements we are unable to accept payments after this date. If your child is absent on the day we are unable to offer a refund as the incursion is pre-paid.

Kindergarten Curious Kids Workshop

Students in Kindergarten will be studying the Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) unit, Material World. To extend on this learning, we are going to have a visit at school by Fizzics Education. Students will be participating in a session led by an expert guide. They will investigate and use their senses to discover how Science, Mathematical and Engineering activities work.

The incursion is on Friday 29th June 2018.

There is no travel required as the workshop comes to the school and is set up in the hall. The cost of the incursion is $12.00.

Attached to the Kindergarten newsletter’s this week is a permission note. Please sign and return the permission note to your child’s class teacher with the payment of $12.00 no later than Friday 15th June.

Due to booking requirements we are unable to accept payments after this date.

Yeronga School Uniforms

Our school uniforms are available from Yeronga School Uniforms (900 Canterbury Rd, Canterbury).  Their trading hours are Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm, Saturday 9am – 2pm and Sunday 10am – 2pm.

For more information Yeronga can be contacted on 9759 1555.

Notes to Parents

All notes to parents/caregivers are put onto our website. Please see the Quick Links on the right hand side of this page (‘Excursion & Parents Notes’).  If you lose a note, please download from our website, before coming to the office for a copy.