April 2, 2020

P & C

If you would like to be more formally involved, come along to a P&C meeting. It is a great way to keep in touch with the ‘bigger picture’ of what is happening in our school.  Our meetings are friendly and informal.  You will not be asked to take on any tasks that you are not comfortable with.

The P&C brings parents, students and teachers into close co-operation and is committed to fostering parent-teacher partnerships. The P&C assists the school in many ways – and the more parents that are involved the more support that can be given to the school to benefit your child’s education.  Many hands make light work!

Fundraising is the most common activity that P&Cs are known for – and for very good reason.  Schools are provided with limited funding.  The schools that seem to have ‘a bit more’ generally have a strong P&C. Traditionally funds are raised through sausage sizzles, chocolate drives and guessing competitions – however, if you have any more creative ideas, please come and share them with us.

The P&C is also there to provide information to parents and other family members.  Our information sessions during Terms 2 & 3 are always interesting.  Topics have included health and behavioural issues, how to help with homework, transition to high school and keeping up with the technology that your child is using at school.

Meetings are held on a Tuesday and alternate between 9.30am and 7.00pm to allow parents to have a choice.  Everyone is welcome!